Nancy Jiang
HDIL Administrative Assistant and Undergraduate Researcher

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Nancy is a sophomore majoring in Policy Analysis and Management with a minor in Business.Her other campus involvements include the Ultimate Frisbee team, Cornell International Business Association, and Alpha Phi Omega.

Deborah Modlin
HDIL Student Fellow
Undergraduate Researcher

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Deborah is currently a senior in the school of Arts & Sciences, and will be attending Cornell’s Sloan Masters of Healthcare Administration program next year. Deborah’s research interests include healthcare design innovation, as well as risk adjustment in the ACA exchanges. In her free time, Deborah enjoys skiing and participating in Lord of the Rings club.

Aleksa Basara
HDIL Undergraduate Research Assistant - Lab Manager

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Aleksa is an undergraduate student studying Economics and Statistics with a particular interest in econometrics and behavioral economics. Currently, he oversee some of the lab's many projects and contribute to Professor Zadeh's research by conducting the literature review process. If he is not working, he is likely swing dancing, playing tennis, or going on a hike.

Kimia Erfani
HDIL Design Director

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Kimia is pursuing her post-professional degree in Environmental Psychology at the department of Design and Environmental Analysis. She received her Master of Architecture (M.ARCH) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015. Currently, she is involved in design activities at the lab.

Marissa Patel
HDIL Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Marissa is a pre-med student who is currently pursuing an English major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is particularly interested in working with geriatric and palliative care patients to help improve their quality of life. Her career goal is to use the research she is currently doing in the HDIL lab and apply it towards her work as a physician in the future. Through the HDIL lab, she has been given the opportunity to work on many different projects, all of which allowed her to use creativity and innovation to redesign healthcare environments to better improve the way healthcare is delivered to patients.

Monika Patel
HDIL Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Monika is a pre-med student in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is a Science & Technology Studies major and she is interested in the intersection between technology and society. She is specifically interested in studying how advancements in technology can change the healthcare field and how these changes impact human interaction with their day to day environments. Working in HDIL has been a great opportunity for her to explore my interest in a more hands-on way.

Y Pham